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Human Resources Partner

Driving Organization Performance

Driving Organization Performance

mcCloskey Partners, LLC

mcCloskey Partners, LLC


In today’s competitive climate, companies must operate within the confines of a heavily regulated employee environment. This includes dealing with complex laws including ERISA, COBRA, EEOC, ADA, FMLA, FLSA, Title VII, just to name a few.

Why choose McCloskey Partners LLC as your Human Resource Partner? It’s simple; McCloskey Partners understands that most employers don’t have the time, the expertise, or the staffing resources to deal with HR issues. Noncompliance can be costly.

  • Do you know your State’s requirement for required Rest & Meal breaks? Don’t let this happen to you: Wal-Mart, in California, received a $175 million jury verdict because they violated the State’s Breaks & Meal time laws.
  • Have you kept up with Diversity and Discrimination Training? Don’t let this happen to you: Morgan Stanley, received a $46 million settlement verdict followed by a second settlement verdict for more than $16 million of a class-action because of a race discrimination claim.
  • Are employees classified correctly? Don’t let this happen to you: Family Dollar received a $19.1 million judgment against stores for overtime pay that was due to have been paid to non-exempt (hourly) employees.

With the involvement of McCloskey Partners LLC, your risks are minimized. When you join together with us, McCloskey Partners LLC becomes an extension of your company. We are available to collaborate with you on individual issues or guide you through all of your Human Resource needs. You choose the level of partnership you want with us.



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