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Jerry Pisani

Heather, just a note to express our thanks for your presentation today. It was very informative and well delivered. I received very good feedback from the participants. I wish you and Denise a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Deborah H. Stone, SPHR, Evolutionary HR

McCloskey Partners LLC assisted us recently with two different projects on a very tight deadline. They provided targeted, comprehensive information literally overnight that helped us meet a critical deadline. We worked with Heather, who very thoroughly researched the topic and provided a concise and extremely well-written summary. Her extensive knowledge of the topic allowed her to provide information even beyond the scope of what we had requested. And after compiling all the material, Heather’s strong writing skills made the piece informative and easy to read. Heather provided this impressive level of support and completed the project in less than 24 hours.

I look forward to working with Ms. McCloskey again in the very near future. She has a tremendous grasp on Human Resource Management and provided very high-quality work that exceeded our expectations, all within a very tight deadline.

Kelly Schaefer, www.yourtaskcomplete.com

Ms. McCloskey, Thank you for participating in the recent WBF Expo. I truly enjoyed your speech about your 'light' and learning how to pursue your dreams. Congratulations on all your success and for continued success in the future.

Steven S. Greenbaum, M.D., Dermatologic Surgery Associates, PC.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ms. Heather McCloskey for the past several years. For the past six months she has been the Account Specialist for my corporation. She has been indispensable in numerous ways. She has been responsible for hiring multiple staff. She has been in charge of accounts payable, payroll and employee benefits. Additionally, she has prepared numerous financial statements in order to track the progress of this newly started corporation. In addition to these somewhat formal roles, she has served as a critical troubleshooter for any problems that arise during the day-to-day operations of the Skin and Laser Surgery Center of Pennsylvania.

Clearly, the above qualifications are impressive, however, they are only the tip of the iceberg when describing this talented individual. Heather clearly is a special person. She is extremely intelligent, which allows her to complete almost any task with little to no supervision. I have been continually impressed by her willingness to start a project and see it through to its final result.

She is very hardworking, honest, and highly skilled. She is able to blend extraordinary effectiveness with a charming demeanor and good sense of humor. Her modest, almost self effacing manner does not camouflage her abilities.

Needless to say, I have been delighted with her performance in the managerial role in my corporation. I cannot recommend anyone more highly than I recommend Heather.

Barbara Sedonic

Heather, I wanted to thank you, again, for taking the time to review the resumes of some of the members of the Lehigh Valley Professionals networking group. Recently, I was talking to one of my fellow members and we found that we had both contacted several speakers for advice after their presentations and none of them responded to our emails or phone calls. We are extremely grateful that you followed up with your offer to read our resumes. In this job market, every act of kindness helps.

Barry Tanner, President & CEO, Physicians Endoscopy

I am writing this letter for the purpose of expressing both appreciation and admiration for the work that has been performed for Physicians Endoscopy by Heather McCloskey.

Heather worked with us here at Physicians Endoscopy (“PE”) for nearly five years beginning in September of 2002. This was a period of time in PE’s development when we were a young company but beginning to grow fairly quickly. We were in need of professional expertise in many areas including human resources. Physicians Endoscopy is a developer and manager of ambulatory surgery centers and all of our ASCs have been developed as de novo facilities. During Heather’s employment with our company we probably grew from approximately 50 employees to a total staff of approximately 300. Heather handled everything from recruiting, to benefits, to payroll. Heather was responsible for the development of our policies and procedures, our employee handbook and our staff incentive programs. Heather’s hard work, intelligence, personality and breadth of experience proved to be extremely valuable to the success that we have achieved. During Heather’s tenure our company PE successfully developed and continues to manage close to 18 ASCs. As a group, we generally consider ourselves to be a meticulous and demanding team that takes great pride in both the success of the facilities that we have developed. Heather fit in with the PE team perfectly. The physicians and staff at each facility raved about Heather’s professionalism, demeanor, expertise and management skills. Heather was able to bring calm to a rapidly growing company, a situation that can be naturally chaotic. Heather left a mark on Physicians Endoscopy and on our facilities that was not only positive because of the success that was achieved but also lasting because it helped to set the stage for long-term on-going operational success.

It was difficult to see Heather leave PE in 2007, and at the same time rewarding. Heather made a huge contribution to our overall success. We learned a great deal from Heather and I hope she also benefited from her time with PE.

I believe that If you happen to be someone who is considering working with Heather McCloskey I can only encourage you to give her that opportunity. You will not be disappointed and Heather will undoubtedly have a positive impact upon your future success.

Karen P. Sablyak

Heather McCloskey was employed by Physicians Endoscopy from October 2002 through March, 2007 as the Human Resources Director reporting to me in my role as Chief Financial Officer and Executive VP-Management Services. In her role, Ms. McCloskey was responsible for recommending, writing and implementing HR policies, benefit analysis and recommendations, payroll, recruiting, 401k administration and general consultation on HR matters such as performance related issues for employees.

Although a small company, PE grew tremendously during Ms. McCloskey’s tenure with our Company from approximately 7 employees to more than 35 at our Corporate office and from 60 employees to more than 200 including all of our affiliated centers located in 10 different states. This type of corporate architecture brings with it challenges much more similar to larger entities with multi state locations that operate as independent entities.

Ms. McCloskey grew professionally along with PE’s expansion. She is an optimist whose bright outlook I will truly miss. Her unwavering ability to se the “good” in people and situations makes her not only an employee advocate but a Company leader. Her strengths lie in her intuition and her ability to assess a situation and provide appropriate recommendations to manage the risk of a situation as well as the emotions that inevitably come into play with many HR issues. She is bright, energetic and loyal and has been held in high esteem by our senior management team as well as her peers.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ms. McCloskey as a consultant in Human Resources. PE’s loss is certainly another’s gain.

Brian J. Courtney, AAI has endorsed your work as Partner at McCloskey Partners LLC.

As a risk management consultant, I feel it is vitally important that my clients' human resource practices are compliant with today's legal standards. That is why I recommend my clients to Heather McCloskey of McCloskey Partners LLC. Many of the clients that I work with do not have the resource to dedicate a professional for this important corporate function and have unnecessarily exposed themselves to more risk. Over the last year, I have found McCloskey Partners LLC services to be an invaluable resource to managing my client's total cost of risk. As a result of working with McCloskey Partners LLC, my clients are more prepared when an employment issue arises.

Debbie Capen, Assistant Director, Room At The Inn

Thank you for the excellent HR consultation services you provided to Room At The Inn. McCloskey Partners LLC's extensive knowledge of both the legal requirements and best practices was invaluable. McCloskey Partners LLC took the time to fully understand our unique needs and corporate culture and then provided a finished product that far exceeded our expectations in both quality and timeliness. We truly appreciate the fact that you went above and beyond to benefit our needs.

Joseph A. Chellew, Law Firm of Weber, Kracht & Chellew

Weber, Kracht & Chellew is a mid-sized law firm focusing in general civil practice in the suburban counties surrounding Philadelphia. When we decided to implement a comprehensive employee personnel handbook, McCloskey Partners provided us with the background and guidance we needed, and then worked with us to develop and customize policies and procedures designed for our particular needs. McCloskey Partners also introduced the handbook to our staff in a very understandable and professional face-to-face presentation.

We continue to use McCloskey Partners as a resource for troubleshooting our human resource needs on an ongoing as-needed basis. I do not hesitate to recommend the company to our local colleagues and associates for their human resource needs as well.

Maria Evans, Past-president and Program Committee, Women’s Business Forum

Heather McCloskey is one of those rare professionals who is accessible, caring and credible -- as she exhibited when she both presented and served on a panel at the Women's Business Forum's Fifth Annual Expo. Not only did the audience of 200+ relate to her challenges in building a business and maintaining life balance, but they said they came away with constructive suggestions for how they could do the same. And, perhaps, more importantly, that they could excel in their businesses and lives. Her candor and can-do spirit carried the program!