2023 Year End Checklist

As you start to close out 2023 and transition into a New Year, there are several Human Resource related areas of the business that we recommend you review. But before we get to the Checklist part of this Checklist… We wanted to provide you with the top Workplace Buzzwords that surfaced in 2023.

2023 Workplace Buzzwords

Rage Job Applying: Its all the rage! Candidates who feel unappreciated or picked over for promotions or job transfers are now “rage job applying.” This is the term used when a job applicant fires off their resumes and fills out applications for many jobs. Even jobs they are not really interested in.

Rage Job Applying is projected to make the job of a Recruiter even more difficult than it’s been. Why? More candidates are applying for jobs they have no intention accepting = More time lost for the Recruiter who is focusing on their Time to Fill Metric. (Insert. SIGH!)

Encore Career: An encore career, or a career in the second half of life, is not a new concept. However, there has been a recent increase in the pursuit of second acts partly because of the pandemic as well as rising costs due to inflation.

Covering: In a time when Diversity, Equity and Inclusion should be paramount for each business, there is an upturn in employees that are covering or downplaying their diversity in an effort to “fit in better” at their current place of employment.

Slow Start Monday: For some employees, to avoid the Sunday Blues, they have decided to ease into Mondays. In the past, these same employees would log on as scheduled and put the effort in to get their tasks completed. Now, they have allowed themselves to take their feet off the accelerator and to avoid the Sunday Blues and have more of a Sunday Funday, they slowly ease into Mondays. Many of these Slow Start Monday employees are exempt employees that do not punch a clock.

Time Blindness: Some employees, when issued performance improvement plans for tardiness, blamed their time blindness as the reason for reporting late to work. In essence these employees believe that they should not be penalized because they lack the ability to know when time has passed and therefore, they often find themselves showing up late for work or struggling to complete their daily tasks on time.

Quiet Quitting: Not a new term for 2023 but, if you are involved in human resources, you probably have experienced some form of quiet quitting. This is when employees show up for work but put the minimum effort in to their jobs.

Quiet Cutting: Some companies stopped promotions in 2023 and reviewed their job descriptions and job duties. In doing this, some job titles and positions were downgraded as was some compensation rates.

T-shaped Employees: No, this term has nothing to do with how an employee is physically shaped. Instead, it refers to employees that have broad skills across many areas (the horizontal part of the T) and also deep expertise in one particular topic (the vertical piece). These employees can work on expert -level tasks within their specialty, but also have the ability and willingness to take on other tasks successfully.

OK Let’s Get Some Things Checked Off

The goal of this checklist is to provide a COMPREHENSIVE HR GUIDE for closing out 2023 and preparing for 2024. This list is a bit long, and not every item applies to every company… BUT “You don’t know what you don’t know,” and you can’t plan for what you aren’t thinking about. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at McCloskey Partners if you have any questions or need assistance on ANY of these items… because that’s what we are here for!